Spa Stays

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Spa Stays

18 treatments per week

Comprehensive Carlsbad Spa Treatment

The most effective and proven traditional spa treatment with long-term healing effects.

10 procedures

Carlsbad SPA treatment – LIGHT

An effective light treatment suitable for older age groups or young millennials as prevention and to maintain vitality.

14 procedures

Regeneration after COVID

Relief of difficulties after a Covid 19 disease, with special emphasis on the respiratory and muscular systems.

Relaxační pobyt 3 noci lázeňské pobyty

2 treatments per day

Immunity boost for 3 nights (for a try-out)

Health and harmony: Cultivate your immunity in a luxurious hotel package to boost your defences.

Detoxikační program lázeňské pobyty

17 treatments per week

Detox Program

Deep cleansing of the organism: Open the door to deep relaxation and harmony. Experience an amazing journey of revitalization of body and spirit.

8 procedures

Anti-Stress Program

Freedom from stress: Experience deep relaxation and discover the power of an anti-stress programme for a balanced life.

6 procedures

Beauty Program

Reviving beauty and self-confidence: Luxurious experience in the beautiful surroundings of our hotel for a radiant appearance and good mood.

3 procedures

Quick restart of immunity for 2 NIGHTS

Regain control and balance: Quick immunity reboot in the hotel’s oasis of health and well-being.

Romantický víkend lázeňské pobyty

2 procedures

Romantic Weekend

Rekindling love and connection: Romantic weekend of elegant luxury and unforgettable moments in a hotel paradise.