Comprehensive Carlsbad Spa Treatment

(Minimum stay is 6 nights/7 days, optimal 2-4 weeks)

This treatment includes:

  • Meals include dietary and vegetarian food
  • Soft drinks, tea and coffee included (breakfast, lunch, dinner)
  • Initial medical examination with prescription of procedures
  • Prescription of Karlovy Vary mineral water by a doctor
  • 18 TREATMENTS per week according to doctor’s prescription including HIL THERAPY
    (i.e. 6 nights/7 days = 17 treatments incl. Hil Terapy)
    (i.e. 7 nights/8 days = 20 treatments incl. Hil Terapy)
  • Laboratory tests according to the doctor’s indication and output medical examination (for stays of 7 nights or more)
  • Free use of sauna (dry, steam, infrared), whirlpool and fitness equipment
  • Bathrobe, slippers and umbrella in room

Access for 2 hours to the swimming pool area ELIZABETH SPA
(CENTRAL CITY SPA, Smetanovy sady 1145/1)

THE COMPREHENSIVE CARLSBAD SPA TREATMENT is the most effective way to detox the body and Carlsbad detox products can now be purchased easily.

Guaranteed to cleanse the body with long-term curative effects on the digestive tract and metabolism, these products also boost the immune system. Not only do these curative effects guarantee internal improvements, but they will be also manifest in the improvement of skin health and color, increased optimism, and positive moods. Also lab results for each individual will show a shift towards an objective standard of optimum values.

KARLSBAD GRANDE MADONNA & WELLNESS HOTEL is a certified private medical facility that specializes in comprehensive spa treatment using natural Carlsbad thermal mineral springs, peat, bogs, and mud from local resources Slavkov Forest. The effectiveness of therapeutic baths has been proven by six centuries of use, from the time of The King Charles IV till today.

Hotel KARLSBAD GRANDE MADONNA owns special access to mineral water from the richest spring Vřídlo for use in its own in-house spa facilities.

However The most important part of Carlsbad treatment is theineral water from the richest spring drinking cure.

Other significant elements of the Spa Treatments are alternative methods of treatment and a dietary regimen.


The length of carlsbad spa treatment

koláčový graf

21 – 30 days: 3 – 4 weeks of Comprehensive Carlsbad Spa Treatment is the optimal length for maximum positive effects on the whole body. You will notice these effects for yourself, but confirmation comes from objective laboratory test results that will be carried out regularly to shift various biological indicators towards optimal levels. These tests are performed at the beginning and end of the spa treatment to demonstrate the impact of the treatment.

koláčový graf

14 – days: 2 weeks of Comprehensive Carlsbad Spa Treatment is also a very effective duration of treatment with positive curative effects which will be noticeable. Even with this shorter duration the effects will persist for several months after the treatment period. It is the most demanded and implemented treatment length, and it allows you to be both fully rested and actually feel the beneficial effects of the spa treatment.


7 – days: 1 week of Comprehensive Carlsbad Spa Treatment Is the so-called Spa Stay Test, when the body passes through the entrance and acclimatization phase. After finishing the 7 – day treatment, you will feel reinvigorated as a result of being well rested and cleansed of fatigue and stress. You will experience how effective the treatment can be, and probably realize that you deserve to repeat or extend it to achieve the optimal long-term curative effect.

Balneo Petra


Spa Stays

18 treatments per week

Comprehensive Carlsbad Spa Treatment

The most effective and proven traditional spa treatment with long-term healing effects.

10 procedures

Carlsbad SPA treatment – LIGHT

An effective light treatment suitable for older age groups or young millennials as prevention and to maintain vitality.

14 procedures

egeneration after COVID

Relief of difficulties after a Covid 19 disease, with special emphasis on the respiratory and muscular systems.

Relaxační pobyt 3 noci lázeňské pobyty

2 treatments per day

Immunity boost for 3 nights (for a try-out)

Health and harmony: Cultivate your immunity in a luxurious hotel package to boost your defences.

Detoxikační program lázeňské pobyty

17 treatments per week

Detox Program

Deep cleansing of the organism: Open the door to deep relaxation and harmony. Experience an amazing journey of revitalization of body and spirit.


Wellness programs

Antistresový program lázeňské pobyty

8 procedures

Anti-Stress Program

Freedom from stress: Experience deep relaxation and discover the power of an anti-stress programme for a balanced life.

6 procedures

Beauty Program

Reviving beauty and self-confidence: Luxurious experience in the beautiful surroundings of our hotel for a radiant appearance and good mood.

3 procedures

Quick restart of immunity for 2 NIGHTS

Regain control and balance: Quick immunity reboot in the hotel's oasis of health and well-being.

Romantický víkend lázeňské pobyty

2 procedures

Romantic Weekend

Rekindling love and connection: Romantic weekend of elegant luxury and unforgettable moments in a hotel paradise.