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Answers to Questions from Spa Guests

1. I’m too bussy with work, is it worth to take only one week of spa treatment?

The optimum length of a comprehensive Carlsbad spa treatment with proven effects are three weeks and four weeks are even better.
Treatment is possible to shorten to one week only, if there is no other choice. You will surely get some relax and you will feel well.
In case of weekly treatment, it is recommended to arrive several times a year for one week (3x-4x) so the treatment takes effect.

2. Do I need any medical recommendation to undergo spa treatment?

Medical referrals or diagnostic records are not a condition for admission to the spa treatment.
However, if you have these documents, it will be a welcome help to build an individual plan for your treatment.
It is important to have a supply of your own medications for a whole spa stay.

3. Is Complex Carslbad Spa Treatment only suitable for the digestive tract?
Complex Carlsbad Spa Treatment is one of the most effective treatments, especially for diseases of the digestive system, metabolic disorders, diseases of the musculoskeletal system, nervous disorders, as well as oncological diseases.
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Regular guests wishing to have things in place, as they are accustomed to…

During the months – December 2014, January, February and March 2015, our hotel KARLSBAD GRANDE MADONNA installed new television in the rooms – the latest model of LG – LED TV.

We replaced our good old Czech brand TVs by ORAVA that served us flawlessly for 11 years.

It was a huge box with a wide back that occupied the shelf in front of the bed and it was a worthy place for it.

No matter, the time pressure to modernize is relentless, and even our very old TV models that I personally defended as a “confidence of good old days” could no longer stand.

Bottom line – eventually I closed my eyes and ordered – REPLACEMENT!

At the end of December 2014 were already installed the first ultra thin LG LED TV on the walls of the rooms, so that our guests can comfortably watch it while lying down on the bed.

Cheerful smiles of our receptionists raise by our regular guests who immediately after arrival and after opening the door to the room runs into reception with complaints that the room does not have a TV!

Yes, the first report surprised even receptionist, so everything was thoroughly investigated … yes, a huge television was no longer in place, but there was a new TV that quietly hung there with elegancy on the wall – a subtle and completely new screen.

Next regular guests who come to the front desk to report the lack of television reception has been able to reassure right away that “The Whole World” can be seen on the wall of the room.

Once again we have confirmed, that our regular guests like everything in its place…

Hotel KARLSBAD GRANDE MADONNA takes care of every detail and every little thing and therefore we are very pleasantly surprised and even pleased that guests pay attention to these details and carefully observe and monitor every change we do for their comfort.

We are very pleased about the interest and we enjoy to surprise our guests always with something new.

Yours Helena Jungmanová

Our Spa hotel KARLSBAD GRANDE MADONNA has got as the first hotel in Karlovy Vary certificate from the Swiss auditors – Certificate EUROPESPA med.

EUROPESPA med is a seal of quality for Spa Hotels, Sealth Clinics, Spas facilities with wellness for health offer. To obtain a certificate EUROPESPA med, one must undergo extensive testing. With the help of more than 1,000 control points examines whether the demands on infrastructure, safety procedures and mineral resources, as well as catering services are met. The test criteria were developed together with council
experts and the support of health insurers.

This certification is very unique in our world-famous spa town and ranked our spa hotel alongside the top spa and rehabilitation facilities throughout Europe. We have demonstrated that we provide services to at least as high a level as professional spa hotels and clinics in Germany, Slovak Republic,
Hungary, Croatia and others European countries.

Certification EUROPESPA med is for our Spa Hotel very significant. At the same time it is also a very high commitment to the future to maintain and continuously improve the quality of the entire portfolio of spas,accommodation and catering services.

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