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From backstage

FESTIVAL Apartments

Grand Restaurant Backstager
DUBEN 2020


We are pleased to announce that in the 9th Czech Hotel Awards for the year 2020, thanks to the voices, you, our dear guests, lovers of quality accommodation, top spa services and excellent gastronomy, we have become the best 4* and the best SPA & WELLNESS hotel in the Karlovy Vary Region and have achieved gold positions in two categories. We appreciate these awards and thank you for your trust.

The outcome of the Czech Hotel Awards 2020 competition is a great reward for the hotel, its management and employees, but also a challenge and commitment to further improve the services provided.

Thank you for your favor! Please ontinue to use our attractive offers and become our regular guests!

Your KARLSBAD GRANDE MADONNA Spa & Wellness hotel

Czech Hotel Awards is a competition for the title of the most popular hotel in the Czech Republic. The competition is a showcase of Czech hotels offering the highest quality services and aims to map and highlight the best hotels in the Czech Republic. The awards for the Hotel of the Year are awarded for each region and Prague district. More information about the competition can be found at:

MAY 2018

………I HAD TO DO MAKE AN APOLOGY, nobody expected to turn out this way…

last – fast – quick touch of experienced fingers glide over freshly embroidered cloth…… and ……. and there is nothing to fix…….?

……still, a few more millimeters, move the flowers closer to the cutlery……. and the angel slightly to the left……. Yes, this is it!

And one more polish soup spoon, fork and knife!

A bit of a hotel routine scenario when a photographer – a professional – comes to visit.

And now we can look forward to the fruits of our common and well-done work.

Joyful moments of viewing carefully crafted interiors and details are here:

And we are happy to see it and we are smiling…’s nice, it’s very nice……..

And suddenly………WAIT!!!……STOP!!!……BACK! What is it here?

I see a stain, we see all the tiny spots on the fork and the knife.

In disbelief and with eyes open wide, we stare at the cutlery where there are visible and clear spots.

It is not possible, with such care and love, we have prepared everything and as an reward we got spots?

Maybe our photographer made a mistake?

What happened?

Who caused it?

The search for the stain cause is started!

Who is to blame?

Who made the mistake?


Simply abd clearly, when the KARLSBAD GRANDE MADONNA handles the cutlery, you will not only have a excellent cutlery in hand but also a beautiful mirror in which you can check – both curiously and positively – your sweet smile……


I apologize to the staff not only for the fact that I know that it impeccably polishes cutlery, but also promotes the function of elegant cutlery on a luxury personal mirror (by the way, the cutlery brand is SOLA)

Together with Oscar Wilde we call and confess:


Yours faithfully Helena Jungmanová

MAY 2017

Traditional meetingand yet a little different

As every year, the Mayor of the city of Karlovy Vary together with Mr. Ing. Petr Kulhánek and other well-known representatives of our town, have started a new spa season, at old-new Hotel KARLSBAD GRANDE MADONNA.

By the tradition, came dear religious representatives from Italy, as well as Czech spiritual leaders lead by the Plzeň bishop. The opening of the spa season was even more festive for us this time, and for others unusual. The new name of the hotel was blessed, which in March 2017 changed from original Aura Palace to KARLSBAD GRANDE MADONNA.

Try to imagine the menu that was served at GRAND RESTAURANT of Hotel KARLSBAD GRANDE MADONNA on Saturday 06 May 2017:




Salmon roll with spring shoots in leaf dough


Traditional spring soup of root vegetables

Main meal:

Roasted duck breast on herbs stuffed with green asparagus with roasted potatoes and mascarpone


Sour cake with whipped cream


MARCH 2017

In March 2017 hotel AURA PALACE changes its name to “KARLSBAD GRANDE MADONNA”

„To change the name lead an effort reflected in the title of spiritual potential of the place where the hotel stands. Unique location in close proximity to the spiritual center of Karlovy Vary, St. Maří Magdalény from the great Baroque architect Kilián Ignác Dietzenhofer and spa center in the form of the Hot Spring, gives the whole place a special and unique genius loci. The hotel its name refers to the Mother of God (Virgin), the patron saint and protector of the Hot Spring, its beautiful Gothic statue is hidden in the sacristy of the church, just a few steps away from hotel. “

The hotel entrance is artistically made and dominated by world famous painting

(Madona si San Sisto)

from the Renaissance painter Raffaela Santiho in their actual dimensions of the original image – 265 x 196 cm.
Work painted in years 1513 – 1514.

The original image can be seen in Zwinger gallery at Dresden (Gemelde Galerie Alte Meister) or you can see its copy at

Picture Author: Raffael Santi
Painted in years: 1513 – 1514
Dimensions: 265 x 196 cm
Technique: Oil on canvas
Location: Gemaelde Galerie Alte Meister Zwinger, Dresden

short version

long version

JULY 2016

Article from German newspapers „Neue Zeiten“

The permanent guest of the Aura Palace, Olga Müller, in July 2016, wrote an article about our hotel in the newspaper “Neuze Zeiten”, where she shared her impressions.

MAY 2016

Rare guests arrived with the Mayor of Karlovy Vary at a gala lunch, traditionally at the Hotel AURA PALACE

The opening of the Karlovy Vary SPA Season can not be done without the traditional festive lunch in GRAND RESTAURANT of Hotelu AURA PALACE.

On Saturday, May 7, 2016, after the Holy Mass in the Church MÁŘÍ MAGDALENY, we welcome the first man of the cityMayor accompanied by VIP guests from abroad and from the Czech Republic.

A fresh unit of waiters and servants serves this great spring menu:

  • Aperitif: Prosecco with strawberry
  • Appetizer: Smoked roll with smoked salmon and mascarpone
  • Soup: Vegetable broth with turkey dumplings and Julienne vegetables
  • Main course: Turkey breast in crust with herb sauce, spring vegetables, potato locusts
  • Dessert: Raspberry-cream cube with a drop of mango liqueur

Thanks from the Mayor Petr Kulhánek attached and we are very pleased that our guests are happy with us like your hotel and like the food.

We look forward to another joint event!

JUNE 2015

Appreciation to a MOSCOW citizen for 100 kinds of BEER!

Výběr piv

We want to express our great appreciation to an anonymous guest (probably a Moscow citizen) for what he wrote about our “U KŘIŽOVNÍKŮ” restaurant.

It seems that a guest’s blissful satisfaction with the excellent meal, beer, service, and original ambiance sent him to “seventh heaven” and inspired him to write: “In the U KŘIŽOVNÍKŮ RESTAURANT they have 100 types of beer on tap and placed this message on a well-known tourism portal. Since then, dozens of curious guests started coming to us, asking to taste all those types of beer, if possible, and referring to this satisfied Moscow citizens (who must know what he is writing about, mustn’t he?)… In the beginning, the waiter was utterly taken aback by this request for a hundred types of beer… Now he explains with a knowing smile that we ask tourist agents in Moscow to PROMOTE our restaurant and bring guests to us!

The waiter explains to each guest that we only serve the best tradition-tested and world-famous brands of beer in our “U KŘIŽOVNÍKŮ” restaurant and WE WILL BET OUR LIVES ON THEM. Good meals, good drinks, a positive mentality, and most of all ice-cold beer in a HARMONIOUS AMBIANCE of the “U KŘIŽOVNÍKŮ” make sure there are more and more satisfied customers; they may not taste 100 types of beer but we hope they will pardon us that, because they feel AT HOME and they can return here as often and as comfortably as they return to their own HOMES.

We eagerly await your visit and looking forward to many returns!

Once again, we thank MOSCOW for the glowing and well-intentioned, if somewhat exaggerated, praise of our restaurant!

Your hotel, AURA PALACE

Karlovy Vary, June 2015

MAY 2015

Ode to Karlovy Vary

Permanent guest of the Aura Palace Hotel Natalia Konstantinova from the Moscow district wrote a beautiful poem about our city –

Ode to Karlovy Vary,

which she donated to the dear owner of her favorite hotel, Mrs. Helena Jungmann. Love to Bohemia, to our beautiful city … it all arose in the romantic atmosphere of Aura Palace, where the poet composed.

MAY 2015

Who gave away the secret preparation of the Mayor’s lunch?

The secret was disclosed to us by the chefs of AURA PALACE Hotel, Tomáš Nekvinda and Jaroslav Typl, with the permission of the director, Květoslav Navrátil.

The special menu for the Mayor of Karlovy Vary and his prominent guests from the Czech Republic and abroad was fine-tuned for several months, to make sure the selected dishes met all criteria: Original, light, unique, and of course extremely tasty.

The spa season only opens once a year, and opening it properly guarantees a good season.

Any holding-back at the start can influence the results of the Karlovy Vary spa season, which we are always determined to make BLESSED, CURATIVE, AND SUCCESSFUL.

That is why a thorough preparation, training, fine-tuning, and testing of the complete menu ahead of time in the AURA PALACE Hotel’s kitchen is an essential element of the grand finale – the FESTIVE LUNCH ON THE OCCASSION OF THE SPA SEASON OPENING.

So what was served on Saturday, 2 May 2015 in the AURA PALACE’S GRAND RESTAURANT, decorated festively by flowers?

  • Welcome drink: Cava Rigol 1897
  • Salmon terrine served with lemon-lime mousse
  • “Kulajda” crème soup with dill, mushrooms and poached egg
  • Stewed lamb meat with marjoram served with chanterelle purée and baked eggplant
  • Tiramisu with chocolate sauce

The master chefs enjoyed applause and appreciation immediately after the meal, and the excellent waiting staff and team of organizers were praised as well.

Everything was summarized afterwards in the LETTER OF APPRECIATION from the KARLOVY VARY MAYOR, Mr. PETR KULHÁNEK, which we gladly attach and recommend to your attention.

MAY 2015

…The guest who almost did not make it to breakfast because she “dematerialized” during a massage…


V 10:15 hod jednoho krasneho dopoledne vběhla chvatným krokem do restaurace 1-ho patra GRAND RESTAURANTU AURA PALACE – host – paní JANA, která přijela s manželem poprvé a tzv. na zkoušku… a hlavně si odpočinout, protože jsou oba velice unavení a takříkajíc pořád v jednom kole…

Velice se omlouvala, že přišla pozdě a jestli může ještě snídat. Snídaňová servírka ji uklidnila, ať se posadí a uklidní, ať nikam nespěchá a pěkně v klidu posnídá. Jednak naše snídaně jsou do 10.30 hod a do 11.00 hod můžete „dojídat“… není problem…

S důvěrou se paní Jana svěřuje, že přišla rovnou z balnea, kde měla krátkou zahřívací infrasaunu a následně masáž. Najednou se na lehátku probudila a nevěděla, zda má sen, nebo je to doopravdy realita na masáži, když je jí tak příjemně… Paní Masérka, která je zvyklá, že hosté často pod jejíma rukama usnou a báječně si odpočinou, paní Janu tichým hlasem ujišťuje, že její masáž právě končí a pomalu jí pomáhá vstát a odejít a přeje jí pěkný den…

“I felt so great and comfortable that I wanted to repeat it over and over,” explained Ms. Jana to the breakfast waiter. “I totally forgot about the whole world and I almost did not make it to breakfast,” she said between sips of fresh and fragrant coffee and bites of home-made bread rolls spread with quality Czech butter. The scrambled eggs with fried English bacon and boiled sausage with a bit of mustard and horseradish were a pleasant start to the new day. We wish Ms. Jana and her husband an excellent rest, improvement of their health, and all the strength and energy that they need in both their ordinary and extraordinary days.

“With Angelic care”

Your hotel, AURA PALACE

Karlovy Vary, May 2015

APRIL 2015

What makes the staff and friends of AURA PALACE Hotel celebrate… ?

Well, when there is a good reason for it. And one such reason came around recently – or more precisely, the staff worked to bring it about. The hotel staff WORKED HARD and became the FIRST HOTEL IN KARLOVY VARY to be awarded a top European award (even though some other hotels strove for it, unsuccessfully).

We were awarded the EUROSPA med certificate from Swiss auditors, certifying the utmost quality of the services provided (accommodation, meals, and treatment) in our AURA PALACE Hotel. We had to comply with 1,000 criteria, each a demanding requirement of the regular hotel operation, proving that they operate systematically in our hotel and not only to meet test conditions.

We, the employees of AURA PALACE Hotel and all our friends, are very proud of this accomplishment. We can thus guarantee all our guests that they are in GOOD HANDS and we will take care of them with our proverbial “ANGELIC CARE.”


Karlovy Vary, April 2015

APRIL 2015

The AURA PALACE Hotel staff celebrated with good food and drinks…

We toasted the exceptional EUROPESPA med certificate awarded by Swiss auditors and wished our hotel and staff endless health and success… with the well-tested Czech classic “Bohemia Sekt and strawberries” and select delicacies. The highlight of the special evening was a two-layer cake designed to resemble the EUROPESPA med certificate we were awarded. It was a Paris cream cake baked with pride over our success by our hotel confectionery.

The cake was of considerable size – 50x70x20 cm and the hotel director himself, Mr. K. Navrátil, assisted the head confectioner in baking and decorating it. The director personally cut the cake and served a piece to each staff member and guest, expressing his appreciation.

A festive, relaxed, and informal atmosphere ruled the nice evening. Only after we had eaten and drunk everything were we able to believe that the impossible dream in the form of the EUROPESPA med certificate had become A REALITY.


Karlovy Vary, April 2015

MARCH 2015

Our regular guests visit us for our attention to detail, and expect everything to be exactly as they remember…

Between December 2014 and March 2015, our hotel AURA PALACE installed the latest model of LG – LED televisions in our rooms.

These replaced our good old Czech brand TVs by ORAVA that served us flawlessly for 11 years, although it was a huge box with a wide back that occupied a place of honor on the shelf in front of the bed.

But the pressure to modernize is relentless, and even our TV models that I defended with a “confidence in the good old days” could no longer compete.

So finally I closed my eyes and ordered – REPLACEMENTS!

By the end of December 2014 we had already installed the first ultra-thin LG LED TV on the walls of our rooms, allowing our guests to comfortably watch it while relaxing on the bed.

It certainly raised some smiles from our receptionists when a regular guest opened the door of his room and immediately rushed to complain that the room didn’t have a TV!

This came as quite a surprise, so everything was thoroughly investigated… True, the huge television was no longer in place, but there was a new TV that hung with subtle elegancy on the wall – a completely new and very discrete screen!

The next regular guest who reported the lack of a television was reassured right away that “The Whole World” could be seen on the wall of the room.

As we said, our regular guests like everything in its place.

Hotel AURA PALACE takes care of even the smallest detail and therefore we are pleasantly surprised that guests pay attention to these details and carefully observe and monitor every change we make for their comfort.

We are very pleased by the positive reception of our LG – LED TVs, and we will always enjoy surprising our guests with new luxuries.

Yours Helena Jungmanová