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The two-story restaurant of our hotel – GRAND RESTAURANT KARLSBAD GRANDE MADONNAwill enhance your gastronomic experience during your stay, giving you the chance to feel like a real king or a queen. The restaurant offers modern cuisine of the highest quality. We also observe the principles of diet and fine cuisine. We prepare delicious and healthy food for you with love and “With Heavenly Care”.

  • Breakfast: 7.00 – 10.30 A hot and cold buffet, rational corner section including tea, coffee, juices and drinks made from fresh fruit.
  • Lunch: 12.00 – 14.00 Possibility of choosing from six different dishes, as well as cold and hot buffet, salads, desserts and pastries, fruit, hot and cold soft drinks.
  • Dinner: 18.00 – 20.00 Possibility of choosing from six different dishes, as well as cold and hot buffet, salads, desserts and pastries, fruit, hot and cold soft drinks.
  • Guests can choose the type of board according to their wish:
    Breakfast (BB) – breakfast only
    Half board (HB) – 2 meals a day
    (breakfast and lunch or breakfast and dinner)
    Full board (FB) – 3 meals a day
    (breakfast + lunch + dinner)

  • Offers a wide range of Czech and international cuisine. A varied selection of hot and cold food, diet and rational food preparation, rich selection of daily fresh fruit and vegetables, dairy products, or delicacies from the hotel’s own patisserie.
  • The food we use is bought only from certified suppliers with ISO certification, and all our meals are prepared in accordance with modern trends based on the principles of HACCP.
  • Size: 155 m2 (1. floor: 65 m2 / 2. floor: 90 m2)
  • The restaurant is equipped with: air conditioning and access to free wireless Internet (Wi-Fi).
  • Restaurant offers: coffebreaks, banquets, group dinners, menu “a la carte”.
  • For spa guests we also provide services such as late dinner or supper in the room, or a food packages for trips.
  • Diet meals are determined after consultation with the spa doctor, but everyone can choose the type of food according to their wish and taste.


__With Heavenly Care__


Sample of a week spa menu


Diet Catering

 motto S Andělskou péčí RU

GRAND RESTAURANT KARLSBAD GRANDE MADONNA offers its guests a meal of their own choice or based on the recommendation of a doctor. A rich buffet is prepared for lunch and dinner every day with a large selection of salads, fresh fruit, hot and cold buffet, desserts from the hotel confectionery and hot and cold soft drinks. All of this is included in the price of paid pensions. The professional team of GRAND RESTAURANT KARLSBAD GRANDE MADONNA has created a spa diet menu system, which is planned over a three weeks rotation so you won’t have to repeat any meals and you can enjoy a full range of dishes full of creativity and diversity. The menu includes diet meals, international and traditional Czech cuisine.

n. 2 – Saving Gall Bladder Diet
The goal of this saving diet is reduced flatulence through easily digestible, rich, and tasty food. The diet should be followed long term. Allowed types of food which are prepared include: stewing, baking, and roasting in water. The meals are prepared until soft, without indigestible residues and hard crusts. Meals are prepared dry, we add minimum of fat to a finished dish. It is effective against diseases of the gall bladder and the liver, biliary stones, also in bowel diseases, after infectious hepatitis, or in diseases of the pancreas. This diet also has reduced fat. The diet has saving ature by the food choice and its preparation.
n. 3 – Rational Diet
We prepare this diet for guests who come to the spa for relaxation and regeneration stays. It is an optimally appropriate diet that does not burden the organism with its composition. This diet is not limited to food preparation. It is built according to the principles of healthy eating.
n. 4 – Reduced Fat
The diet with reduced fat is full-featured, easily digestible, user-friendly in the long term and has reduced fat content. No food is included that has high levels of cholesterol, which is why this diet also has slight anti-sclerosis effects. It is prescribed during the fading of acute symptoms of the disease of the pancreas and liver disease.
n. 8 – Slimming Diet
This diet has a positive effect on body weight. With proper and regular application, there is a gradual decrease in weight and improvement in physical function. It is calorically and biologically balanced. The slimming diet is always tailored individually according to the current state of health of each guest.
n. 9 – Diabetic Diet
Designed for patients with diabetes. Excludes food containing freely concentrated sugars (carbohydrates). It is based on low-cholesterol food, limiting fats and carbohydrates, and especially designed so that regular and frequent guests eat in gradually smaller amounts. Guests who take insulin have a minimum of five meals a day (breakfast, lunch, snack, dinner, second dinner).

In the case of a special prescription by the spa doctor, we are ready to provide individual preparation of other diets, for example: Gluten-free, Vegetarian, Warfarin and others.


Catering of organized tourist groups

We also offer the possibility of catering for passing groups. Many travel agencies use this possibility to take tourists from Spain, Greece, India, Turkey and other countries to Karlovy Vary to visit. We will be glad to offer catering for your group during your visit to Karlovy Vary. Look at our sample menu, where you can find both traditional Czech and international cuisine, but also a selection of gluten-free and vegetarian options. We are going to prepare the menu for your lunch or dinner according to your wish and taste.


Lounge of spa hotel

Provides services for corporate conferences and business meetings, family reunions, weddings and anniversaries or services according to individual client wishes.

  • The lounge has everything: air conditioning, internet connection, flipchart, DVD player, projector and screen
  • Service included: coffee breaks, banquets, dinners for groups, menu “a la carte”
  • Size: 31m2
  • Number of seats: 25
  • Conference sample menu for inspiration:
    Coffee Breaks / Menu / Receptions

All rooms are NON-SMOKING and equipped with free Wi-Fi!