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Indication of Karlovy Vary Spa Treatment

Determining medical procedure of Carlsbad Spa Treatment is the most effective method to detox the body, and Carlsbad detox products can now be purchased easily.

This treatment is guaranteed to cleanse the body with long-term curative effects on the digestive tract and metabolism, along with increased strength of the immunity system. Not only do these curative effects guarantee internal improvements, but they will be also manifest in the improvement of skin health and color, increased optimism, and positive moods. Also lab results for each individual will show a shift towards an objective standard of optimum values.

Treatment Is Advisable For The Following Diseases:


  • Chronic gastric dyspepsia
  • Ulcer disease of the stomach and duodenum
  • Functional bowel disorders, especially chronic constipation
  • Inflammatory bowel disease (Morbus Crohni colitis ulcerosa)
  • Diseases of the gallbladder and biliary tract
  • Conditions after surgery of the gallbladder and biliary tract
  • Conditions after acute inflammation of the liver, chronic hepatitis, steatosis, uncomplicated liver cirrhosis
  • Diseases of the pancrea


  • Diabetes mellitus including diabetic complications
  • Obesity
  • Disorders of fat metabolism (hyperlipoproteinaemia)
  • Metabolic disorders of uric acid (gout)


  • Pain in the spine and joints


After the completion of a complex antitumor treatment without clinical signs of activity

Kolonáda Karlovy Vary


Contraindication of Complex Karlovy Vary Spa Treatment

Inadvisable For:

  • Infectious communicable diseases and bacillus carriage
  • Diseases in an acute stage
  • Epilepsy
  • Alcohol and addictive substances
  • Pregnancy
  • Bleeding disorders
  • Clinical signs of circulatory failure
  • Conditions after deep thrombosis, cancer, urinary and faecal incontinence



  • Initial medical examination.
  • Laboratory examination of blood and urine (for stays from 7 nights). Other examinations are decided by the doctor according to the indications (for an additional fee).
  • 20 PROCERURES per week as prescribed by our doctor
  • (i.e. 6 nights/7 days = 17 treatments)
    (i.e. 7 nights/8 days = 20 treatments)
  • Additional treatments that you would like can be purchased additionally. Additional procedures are either over-the-counter or available only after consultation with a physician.



(full board with treatment)

  • Accommodation in a selected spa hotel
  • Food 3 times a day (breakfast, lunch, dinner)
  • Complete spa treatment
    – Medical examination
    – Drinking cure
    – Breakdown of procedures
    – Laboratory examination (for stays from 7 nights)
    – Dietary breakdown



(half board with treatment)

  • Accommodation in a selected spa hotel
  • Food 2 times a day – Breakfast and dinner / or / Breakfast and lunch
  • Complete Spa Treatment
    – Medical examination
    – Drinking cure
    – Breakdown of procedures
    – Laboratory examination (for stays from 7 nights)
    – Dietary breakdown


With Heavenly Care


Carlsbad drinking cure by healing springs

  • is the most important part of Spa Treatment
  • has healing effect on the digestive tract and motor system
  • supports cleaning organism – detoxification
  • improves the metabolism of the organism
  • enhances immunity
  • has no side effects and does no harm apart from an organism pharmacotherapy

pramen 3 Karlovy Vary

  • There are 13 natural springs at Karlovy Vary (the last one was built in 1993 – restored as the fountain Štěpánka at the Hotel Richmond, but this one is not included in the drinking cure), which are generally of same chemical composition, but differ from each other by temperature and the amount of carbon dioxide. It is these parameters – temperature and carbon dioxide content – that have an influence on the therapeutic effects of different individual springs. Chemically the springs are between the sodium-bicarbonate-sulphate thermal waters, with total mineralization of 6,400 mg / l. The PH value of the springs is 6.9 – 7.0, containing freely dissolved carbon dioxide.
  • Carlsbad springs contain 47 elements (of the Periodic Table of elements), which are necessary for the body. The body demonstrably receives these elements thanks to the freely dissolved carbon dioxide, and this leads to a regenerative process of the gastrointestinal tract, improves metabolism, and increases the strength of the immunity system. Besides the positive effect on the digestive tract and motor system, the drinking cure supports cleaning and detox of the entire body.

The physician determines a routine for mineral water and drinking of specific springs during the examination. A drinking cure is prescribed 3-4 times a day, 20-40 minutes before meals in an average amount of 250-400 ml. The ordained amount of water is prescribed individually, measured according to body weight, age, the condition of the heart and circulatory system, and the condition of the kidneys and urinary system. Mineral spring water should be drunk slowly, in small sips from a traditional spa cups. A distinctive feature of the spa cup is the narrow mouthpiece for drinking, which allows dispensing sips. Hold the mouthpiece in your mouth, because the first treatment will react with the “oral mucosa” on the inside of the mouth. Based on experience and medical observation, the hot springs with lower temperatures have diarrheal effects and springs with higher temperatures have restorative and calming effects. The temperature range of the springs is 30° C – 72° C.


Ten commandments of the drinking cure at karlovy vary

Thermal mineral water at Karlovy Vary is a complex, highly concentrated mixture of natural substances that are not intended for constant or uncontrolled use.

Pohárek Karlovy Vary
Prameny kolonáda Karlovy Vary

1. The Karlovy Vary drinking cure is best recommend by the spa doctor during consultation or in an initial medical examination.

2. The Karlovy Vary curative springs are advised to be consumed near the springs, mainly for reasons of temperature and gas content, which are crucial to achieving a therapeutic effect. With a drop in temperature and the volume of gas in the spring, the curative effect decreases significantly.

3. The Karlovy Vary springs are advised to be drunk with the traditional porcelain spa cups with a narrow spout.

4. The Karlovy Vary springs are advised to be drunk slowly in small sips, ideally held in the mouth, a technique which the narrow fountain spa cups help facilitate.

5. The Karlovy Vary springs are recommended to be drunk three to four times a day, 20-40 minutes before a meal.

6. The Karlovy Vary springs are advised to be drunk in volumes of 250 to 400 ml., The ideal amount of water varies according to the individual, depending on body weight, age, condition of the heart and its circulatory system, and the state of the kidneys and urinary system.

7. The Karlovy Vary drinking cure should not be combined with alcohol or smoking.

8. The Karlovy Vary springs are advised to be drunk during a slow walk rather than sitting down.

9. The Karlovy Vary springs are advised to be drunk in a relaxed state of mind, without hurry and with a sense of good faith in the healing process.

10. The Karlovy Vary springs are not suitable for watering plants around the colonnades, as the strong mineralization and temperature are harmful to plants.

Prameny kolonáda Karlovy Vary
Prameny kolonáda Karlovy Vary


How do mineral springs from karlovy vary work on internal organs


Overview of the Karlovy Vary Springs

 motto S Andělskou péčí RU

Carlsbad thermal water is unique in its chemical composition and physical properties. The oldest constituents of water are older than 25 000 years, carbon dioxide gas is a manifestation of post-volcanic activity of the local area. The mineral water contains a large number of major, minor and trace elements. It is significant e.g. selenium content, which has the ability to remove cumulative poisons (lead, cadmium and others) and probably also radionuclides from the body.

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The local thermal springs, whose temperature reaches 73.4 °C, belongs to Podkrušnohorská area of Kyselka. Due to the high temperatures terms is performing mechanical mixture of water and gaseous CO2, causing among other things discountinous nature splash of Hot Spring. The basic chemical composition of each sprain is almost identical. Carlsbad warm water is a natural ionic solution containing dissolved carbon dioxide – CO2. Main dissolving components are sodium, calcium, potassium and magnesium, bicarbonate, sulphate and chloride, and many other minerals in small to trace amounts of active ionic form.

Each springs differ in their temperature, the content of free dissolved carbon dioxide concentration and radioactivity side and tracers. In the terminology it is thermal, hypotonic, highly mineralized mineral water of type Na-HCO3SO4Cl (alkaline Glauber’s salt, according to the older nomenclature alcalic-muriatic). A large role in the medicinal effect of the use of these waters has a content of pharmacologically active substances.

Springs are lightly radioactive, fault structures in which circulates thermal water, emits into the atmosphere a number of important substances that seem to have a beneficial effect on the human body.

For the needs of the spa industry, meaning for drinking cures, carried out in five colonnade buildings and four headwaters pavilions and Glorieta, and other internal and external balneo is now used by 12 major springs renowned for the natural healing resources: Hot Spring, The Source of Charles IV., Lower Chateau Spring, Upper Chateau Spring, Market Spring, Mill Spring, Rusalka Spring, Wenceslaus Spring, Libuše Spring, Rock Spring, Liberty Park Spring, New Park Spring Old Park Spring, Snake Spring.

Until the 18th century people in Karlovy Vary were treated only by baths, although already in. 1521 dr. Václav Payer recommended to use local thermal water for drinking as well. Patients remained in line with the findings of the former spa medicine in hot baths, served in public pools, often for several days, until their skin has been “eaten away”. Thermal water was also used for the treatment of skin diseases. Four large pools were build at the Hot Spring. First for patients with internal and rheumatic pains, the other for those who suffered from scabies; in third lepers were bathed and fourth was for patients with skin ulcers.

Drinking cure took over after about 250 years later, at the initiative of Dr. David Becher, who was one of the first conducted a chemical analysis. Treatment through drinking soon proved especially excelled in diseases of the stomach, intestines and liver, and soon suppressed disproportionate baths.

Even drinking cure ran out to an extreme by time, patients were gradually forced to drink 11-51 cups at about 140 m of water, which is 1.5 – 7 liters per day. Scientific knowledge was gradually mitigate and mutual harmonization of the two basic types of treatment, bathing and drinking. The basis for today’s Carlsbad treatment is repeated drinking of thermal water, which in turn means an increased supply of water and minerals to the body and then regulate water and mineral economy of the organism. Besides the direct impact on congestion, metabolism and detoxification happens in the body’s cells which favorably affects Carlsbad and microbial colonization of the intestines and their production. Carlsbad treatment is therefore natural pharmacological treatment of diseases and postoperative gastrointestinal and biliary tract, liver, pancreas and certain metabolic diseases (diabetes), and urinary tract.

The mineral content is about 6.5 grams per liter. If a patient drinks one liter of Carlsbad water a day for 3 weeks, he receives 130-140g of these minerals. Transferred to the idea to half-gram tablets (eg. size of Aspirin) in terms of 260 to 280 tablets – about 13 tablets a day. Carlsbad treatment is not homeopathy or alternative healing, but regular pharmacotherapy arising naturally and well balanced set of minerals in active form.

Drinking cure is always carried out at the springs for at least three weeks before eating (half to 1 hour before meals), in the morning, in the evening, and sometimes even before lunchtime – drinking 200 to 600 milliliters of water prescribed by the physician. It is also necessary to observe the “Ten Commandments of Drinking Cure at Karlovy Vary”. An inseparable part of the complex Carlsbad treatment is not only drinking cure of Carlsbad springs, but appropriate diet as well and also complementary balneology and physiotherapy treatment procedures.

Carlsbad water is thanks to their content of mineral substances beneficial for the skin of the body, that’s why it is used for producing Carlsbad cosmetics.

Description of The Spring

The Hot Spring called “Vřídlo” became not only the symbol of the largest Czech spa town, but also the town’s pulsing eternal heart. Perhaps everything about Karlovy Vary’s spa depends on it – it supplies all of the spa facilities with its thermal water. It supplies carbon dioxide gas (CO2) for baths, provides the raw material for the production of Carlsbad thermal salt and even for souvenirs turning into stone.
The geyser produces an average of 2000 liters of mineral water every minute. Today, apart from the Castle Spring, it is the only spring used for baths. Vřídlo” is also used for drinking cure. In the area of the colonnade there are a total of 5 drinking stands carrying spring water with temperatures of 72°, 50°, and 30° C. The geyser of the spring water, due to the intense pressure, can spurt up to a height of 12 meters.

The Hot Spring depends also on some other sources of Carlsbad, referred to as “branches” which separate it from the main current of the spring.

Description of The Spring

The healing properties of this spring may have inspired the decision of Emperor Charles IV to build a spa here. There is a relief placed above the spring that talks about its role in the discovery of Karlovy Vary.

Description of The Spring

It wells up inside the former Castle Colonnade (today Castle Baths), built according to plans by the Viennese architect Ohmann. There is a sandstone relief behind the spring vase, depicting the “Spirit of the Springs”.

Description of The Spring

The Viennese architect Ohmann used an interesting idea for the spring municipal office – to lead a small part of the water of the Spring “Dolní zámecký“ after a series of interventions in the Spring at the level of several meters higher – to the pavilion, which was above this feed built in 1912. Today, the springs are captured by drill holes.

Description of The Spring

This spring was lost and rediscovered several times since its discovery (1838). Several digs were made here, and thanks to the rediscovery this spring can be prescribed by spa doctors.

Description of The Spring

Although it was previously mainly for used baths, since the 16th century it has been used for spa treatments. The water from this favorite spring was once possible to buy at almost all Czech pharmacies.

Description of The Spring

From the 16th century until 1945 it was called the “Nový pramen“ (New Spring). Water bubbling out of it at the time was more popular than from Spring Mlýnský. And it also had its own colonnade that was later reconstructed and renamed to its current name, “Mlýnská”.

Description of The Spring

The water of this spring was used to produce Carlsbad‘s curative salt. In the late 18th century, it was said that it’s yields and strength could be measured with the main Hot Spring “Vřídlo“. The Spring is led into two spring vases and it flows directly into the colonnade, fountain II in front of the colonnade opposite of the orchestra.

Description of The Spring

Originally called Spring “Alžbětiných růží” (Elisabeth’s roses). It was created by connecting four smaller springs.

Description of The Spring

Until 1845 this spring flowed into the river. After landscaping the water, the spring was brought to the place of the current colonnade.

Description of The Spring

It was discovered in the 19th century during the construction of Spa III. It has carried its current name, which means “freedom,” since the end of WWII. Previously it was named “Lázeňský“ (Spa), and then for a time it was named after Franz Joseph I. An arbor with a fountain is situated between Spa III and the Colonnade Mlýnská.

Description of The Spring

Sadový sprang up during the excavation of the foundations for the Military Spa Institute in the middle of the 19th century. Originally named “Císařský“ (Imperial) Spring, it is located in the area of NAA next to the colonnade.

Description of The Spring

A lightly mineralized spring with strong CO2 exits is used only for measurement. It is located in a stone pavilion and is inaccessible to the public. Unofficially, the 13th spring is known as the famous Becherovka liqueur.

Description of The Spring

The original sink from 1884 perished over time. In 1993, the spring was captured by a new drill hole in the vicinity of the Parkhotel Richmond. It is not normally used for drinking treatments.

Description of The Spring

It rises in the Park Colonnade, which was introduced as part of the reconstruction of the colonnade in 2001. It is the most recent of the Carlsbad springs to be made accessible to the public. “Hadí“ (Snake’s) was named in memory of the snakes that once lived in large numbers behind the colonnades.