Answers to questions

1. I’m too busy with work, is it worth it to take just one week of spa treatment?
The optimum length of a comprehensive Carlsbad spa treatment with proven effects is three weeks, and four weeks gives the effects greater longevity.
It is possible to shorten treatment to one week, if there is no alternative. You are sure to achieve deep relaxation and you to feel well.
In case of weekly treatment, it is recommended to attend several times a year for one week (3x-4x) so the treatment takes effect.
We recommend at least a 14-day course of treatment without interruption. In this time you will feel the results in your body and your test results will improve.
2. Do I need any medical recommendation to undergo spa treatment?
Medical referrals or diagnostic records are not a condition for admission to the spa treatment.
However, if you have these documents, it would be a welcome help to create a customized plan for your treatment.
It is important to have a supply of your own medications for a whole spa stay.
3. Is Complex Carslbad Spa Treatment only suitable for the digestive tract?

Complex Carlsbad Spa Treatment is one of the most effective treatments, especially for diseases of the digestive system, metabolic disorders, diseases of the musculoskeletal system, nervous disorders, as well as oncological diseases.

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4. How long will the effects of the spa treatment last?
We can say that the effects of the spa treatments are directly proportional to the length of stay.
If you undergo treatment for 3 weeks without interruption, the positive effects persist for a period of 7 months to 1 year.
After that it is advisable to repeat the treatment.
In most cases the patient can feel that it is time to repeat the treatment, since a cleansed body is not a sustainable state.
5. How do I properly use mineral water during the drinking cure?
During the initial examination the physician determines the type of mineral water and drinking routine of specific springs. The drinking cure is prescribed 3-4 times daily for 20 to 40 minutes before meals, on average 250-400 ml.

  1. Mineral water is drunk in small sips, best during a slow walk (siting for a long time is not recommended).
  2. Hold sips of mineral water inside your mouth, as healing effects already begin through the oral mucosa.
  3. Drink the cup of 250 ml over a 3 to 10 minutes period (so the water does not cool down and maintains the right temperature and quantity of gaseous carbon dioxide).
  4. It is recommended to take a break of approximately 5 to 10 minutes between individual cups.
6. Is a spa diet necessary?
You have a choice to sign up for full board (breakfast + lunch + dinner) or half-board (breakfast and lunch or lunch and dinner).
As part of the initial examination, your doctor will recommend an appropriate diet for your treatment that will promote the overall benefits of spa treatments.
The effects of the mineral springs is only effective if the body is not burdened by complicated and difficult digestion.
The quantity and quality of food consumed is a very important factor that affects the success of your treatment.
A dietician works in cooperation with the culinary team of hotel KARLSBAD GRANDE MADONNA to prepare food for you not only to be healthy, but also for your enjoyment of the culinary experience.
We also provide tables full of vegetables and vegetable salads, fresh fruit and fruit salads to suit every taste.
You will also find plenty of sweet pastry products from our own bakery; always fresh, lightly sweetened, light and tasty.

Catering is provided at the GRAND RESTAURANT, which covers two floors of elegant interiors and culinary delights.

  • Breakfast is served via buffet style.
  • Lunch and dinner are served buffet style and the main course is served individually for you according to your choice and selected diet.
  • The price also includes drinks – soft drinks, water, fresh juices, and a selection of teas and coffee.
  • The GRAND RESTAURANT is a non-smoking area.

At KARLSBAD GRANDE MADONNA we prepare these basic diets:
gall bladder diet – #2
rational diet – #3
with reduced fat – #4
slimming diet – #8
diabetic diet – #9

Besides these basic diets we can also prepare a low-cholesterol and other individual adjustments of diets, for example: Gluten-free, pasty, vegetarian etc.

7. Is it good to take a Carlsbad Spa Treatment, even though I have no health problems and am feeling healthy?

Balneotherapy and drinking cures prevent diseases, it increases immunity and vitality through cleansing processes (detoxification) and maintains the health of your body.

8. What time can I check in and what time is check out?
You can check in any time after 14:00. Rooms must be cleared before 12:00.
However, for a small supplement of 800,- CZK you can stay until 15:00, and for 1350,- CZK you can stay until 20:00.
If the room is available earlier, you can even check in earlier than 14:00 for no additional fee!
9. If I come to the hotel by car, will I find parking?

Yes, although our hotel KARLSBAD GRANDE MADONNA is located right in the heart of the spa area, we are one of the few hotels in Karlovy Vary that offers parking directly in front of and behind the hotel. The price for parking is 300, – CZK per day.

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10. Is it possible to store my luggage at the hotel if I travel outside of Karlovy Vary?
Yes, of course! We will keep your luggage safe at the hotel reception free of charge.