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Gas injections. What makes Czech injections for arthritis and back pain unique?


Many tourists have been visiting Karlovy Vary for decades. If you ask them why they come to Karlovy Vary repeatedly, they all answer about the same: for clean air, mineral water and gas injections.

About gas injections

Gas injections produced in the Czech Republic are a unique patented method of treatment using the effects of subcutaneously injected CO2 into the human body.

Gas injections help with pain of various kinds and are aimed not only at eliminating the pain itself, but also at addressing its cause. Injections containing carbon dioxide help with pain in the thoracic spine, sacral spine area, relieve knee and head pain. The injections are also successfully used in the treatment of lower limb ischemic disease, peripheral vascular diabetes syndrome, tibial ulcers and ischemic heart disease. They actively help in rheumatoid and other types of arthritis.

In addition to medical applications, gas injections are also widely used in cosmetics. This method is especially appreciated by ladies who can use this method to eliminate the signs of aging. In addition to improving the quality of facial skin, gas injections can improve the condition of scars, for example, after acne, or the symptoms of cellulite.

Gas injections are carried out in medical spa facilities. The application is carried out by qualified medical personnel on the prescription of the spa doctor. Carbon dioxide is injected into painful areas of the subcutaneous tissue around large joints and the spine to relieve pain, improve blood circulation in the area of application, and possibly accelerate wound healing.

We recommend you to undergo the application of gas injections in our Hotel, where we have extensive experience with their use.

Do gas injections have contraindications?

You should always consult a doctor first. General contraindications to treatment with gas injections are local inflammation of the skin and subcutaneous tissue at the site of treatment and bleeding conditions. In order to undergo a treatment with gas injections, you first need to purchase one of the treatment stays we offer, during which our spa doctor will prescribe other accompanying procedures that will improve the overall effect of the treatment.

For more information, please contact our reservation department, where we will be happy to help you choose a suitable package or choose from our range of treatment programmes yourself.