Laser has an irreplaceable place in modern medicine. In rehabilitation medicine, it is one of the pillars of physical therapy field. The laser is a special kind of light radiation that is an elixir for cells. It improves cellular respiration, strengthens cell walls, improves mineral balance, has strong analgesic, anti-inflammatory, antibacterial and antiviral effects, relieves spasms and reduces swelling.

Laser therapy accelerates healing

Laser therapy generally accelerates the healing process, is painless, very effective and has no side effects. It can be targeted to any painful area of the body. It is used for ankle sprains, knee and joint sprains, muscle damage, strains, post-surgical rotations, back pain, arthritis, pressure sores, ulcers, burns, clots and fractures.

The use of laser has several contraindications. First of all, there is a strict ban on the application of the laser beam to the eyes, as well as feverish diseases, irradiation of endocrine glands, irradiation of the abdominal landscape during pregnancy or menstruation, epilepsy and six months after undergoing radiotherapy.

At the Spa Hotel Karlsbad Grande Madonna, a doctor prescribes this very effective treatment. In order to undergo laser therapy, you first need to purchase one of our treatment stays, during which our spa doctor will prescribe other accompanying treatments that will improve the overall effect of the treatment.

For more information, please contact our reservation department, where we will be happy to help you choose a suitable package or choose from our range of treatment programmes yourself.