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We would very much like others to find out about our hotel KARLSBAD GRANDE MADONNA and DEPANDANCE FESTIVAL Apartments thats why we would be very gratefull if you could spare a few more minutes and write a few words about our Hotel on the tourist portal TRIPADVISOR, where other potential guests will read about us and based on your good evaluation and recommendations, they will come to us either for a treatment, wellness or hotel stay.

Thank you in advance for your willingness, and if you click and write a verbal evaluation, we send you a beautiful virtual thank you by this way and we look forward to seeing you again, relax with both body and soul and gaining as much strength as nowhere else!

The hotel made a very good impression. I travel a lot, so I have something to compare. The aristocratic atmosphere of the hotel inspires, including even food (breakfast, lunch, dinner). I am completely satisfied with my stay in this hotel and recommend it to everyone.

Alina M. (March 2022)

Perfect location as it is right in the center and everything is within walking distance, very comfortably furnished, pleasant atmosphere and not too spacious and too many rooms, some staff very friendly, some unfortunately not so much, also it’s hardly to find any staff – usually had to wait a very long time whether for a coffee at the bar or at the reception in the spa, everything very clean, room was a bit noisy but very comfortable only the mattress needs improvement be exchanged – since it was worn out and you were lying in a hollow (was a bit uncomfortable), unfortunately you couldn’t choose the treatment as described in the brochure, but the masseur was great! And the wellness area is very nice (if not too many guests are present at the same time),
the food was sometimes good and sometimes very bland, I think the price-performance ratio was okay

L.W. (Desember 2022)

I´ve liked stay in your hotel very much, will try to be back! Thank You.

Y. Mamaeva (July 2020)

Heavenly stay

I spent 7 nights and had all my meals and 17 spa treatments there with the plan I chose. The price is so reasonable for all that you receive. The staff is professional and well trained. My favorite aesthetician has worked there for 10 years. The property is kept super clean. I like to travel and was impressed how hard all the staff works! They were all continually in motion. Special tip of the hat to Lenka on the front desk, she’s so smart, kind and helpful. I had a mild allergic reaction to one of the spa treatments, so next time I go back (and can hardly wait) I’ll let the Doctor and scheduler know. The property is in an ideal location right next to the iconic Church of St. Mary Magdalene, central but just off the beaten path so its quiet outside and a few steps to one of the popular springs in KV; I started each morning sipping the natural mineral water there before breakfast. The food is good and plentiful. There are some partial massages included in the spa plan I chose but If you want a full body massage, book it before you arrive. Enjoy!

Catherine P, Washington


My husband and I stayed in this hotel for the first time for a week.
The location is brilliant –you are literally in the centre of the town. But you dnt here the noise .
The treatments are really good.I recommended to book hotel and the one of the treatment programs.
The staff is very friendly. The rooms are cleaned . Beds are very comfortable and you just dnt want to get up .
For breakfast you have a lots of choice ,it is a buffer including vegetarian options … In fact the breakfast was my favourite…

Marbella, Spain


Good location, very nice hotel

The location is perfect as it is a very short walk to the mineral water fountains. The room was nice and clean – maid changed the towels daily and sheets every third day. The hotel has very nice decorations. Spa was absolutely perfect and had the most pleasant staff working there – best massages ever! The atmosphere was very relaxing and pleasant on our ten day holiday at this hotel. The food and restaurant service was excellent. We liked our stay very much. Highly recommend this hotel.

Oksana M

Good location, nice hotel

The location is perfect. The hotel has 18th century decor. The room was nice and clean, but small. The atmosphere was fantastic. Was pleasantly surprised to see the fruit platter and bottle of champagne with the birthday card for my Birthday. The service was excellent. There were small inconveniences: no ventilation in bathroom, no digital safe deposit box, no electronic clock to see the time , when wake up at night, no variety of channels. But these are small and insignificant. Overall liked my stay very much. Highly recommend this hotel.

Hillsborough, New Jersey

A worthy place to stay in Karlovy Vary

I lived in Czech Republic for two years and after my return to Japan I came back every year to travel around this beautiful country. This summer I decided to visit Karlovy Vary and on the recommendation of my Czech friend I stayed in hotel Aura Palace which proved to be a very good choice. When you enter the reception, you can feel a warm noble spirit. Due to the fact that I travel to Czech Republic mainly for sightseeing, I appreciate the classic and elegant style, in which the hotel is furnished. Hotel is situated in the center of spa area and it took me 1 minute to get to the main spring and one more minute to the other hot springs and colonnades. What I appreciate the most is the size of my single room which is almost bigger compare to a double room in Japan. Hotel staff was helpful and I felt there like a welcome guest. The whole impression from visiting of Karlovy Vary and hotel Aura Palace was wonderful.



A place like home

Hi, my name is Diana C.
I am ex travel agent with 10 years experience of working in Travel & Tourism industry. I love staying in Karlovy Vary, its one of my favorite destinations together with Prague. Me and my family and our friends stayed in this hotel for many times and going to come back. The reason is simple: compared to other hotels in KV Aura Palace gives you an exclusive feeling of being at home. I now live in UK but previously lived in Moscow until i was 33.

Rooms are very spacious (even singles), cosy, clean, well-maintained. I can harldy find the same quality linen as in Aura Palace. Bathrooms are extremely fresh & clean every day and although its 4* hotel, everything is provided that you need on daily basis as if you were home or in 5* hotel, even a fresh white cotton bath robe and flip flops to make it comfortable to visit SPA.SPA is very modern with a lot of procedures, you are given 18 procedures a week according to doctor’s prescription. Martin – doctor who works in the hotel for many years is very professional and has been working as military doctor before. All guests of the hotel are offered to make blood test prior to prescriptions. There are many more (about 30!) procedures that you can take for additional charge which will be much less than what you will pay in other European countries or Russia, but mostly beauty procedures such as chocolate wrap or ayurveda massages, hot stones massage, etc. – things that are not to really cure but fun, nice and pleasure to have.

Staff is mostly constant, so when we come – we see same people who know you and treat you like friends – the hotel is not huge and they remember many of the people by their names and you do the same as each of them will see you several times a day! Personnel are not extremely smiley but its in nature of Czech same as any other post-soviet culture, so noone should really be surprised. But they will do everything you need on time and thouroughly, with a warm word or word of encouragement, they can stay after working hours if you ask nicely to suit your schedule of vacation. Many thanks to wonderful people: Lenka, Irena, Petra, Andrey, Sasha and others for your kind care and helping people to feel better. They all speak Russian & German and a bit of English. Russian speakers feel very comfortable compared to many other places.

Food is always fresh, you order your food 2 days ahead choosing from a variety of 7-10 on offer. Besides there is a buffet where you always will find meat, fish or poultry dishes in addition to your main dish. and salads, sweet cakes, breads. For breakfast there is a good choice of diary and non-diary dishes (sausages, bacon, eggs, broccoli, mushrooms, pancakes, etc.), noone ever remains hungry. However, if you come to Karlovy Vary you indeed expected to be on a diet if you really want to benefit from mineral waters and procedures. But many people indeed maintain the weight or even gain if they have Full Board there, dishes are tasty, fresh and well balanced. Vegetarians though will struggle, as there is only 1 veggy dish apart from salads. Try Czech wines! Both whites and reds are something to enjoy in a good company!

The only minus for now (but for some its a big plus as you can feel absolutely free talking Russian if you can’t speak any other languages) is that the hotel is mostly full with guests from CIS countries, but there are sometimes guests from other countries such as UK, USA, Italy, Swiss, Germany. But they are very very few.

Hotel is next to all the attarctions of the city and shops, restaurants, mineral springs. You can visit an open air swimming pool with mineral water (about 30-50%) in just 15 min walk from Aura Palace (200 krona (6 euros) per 3 hours!). There are plenty of excurions and you can visit nearest european countries and interesting local places over the weekend and afternoons – you can book via Astra Travel Agency – ask at reception, you can go hiking in the local hills (there are plenty of routes and some of them are guided). Your vacation can be indeed one of the best in this country!

I do and would recommend to anyone to stay in Aura Palace if you choose KV stay for treatment and cosy stay while you recover. You will find a lot of care and will feel at home!

Diana C.

Friendly luxury in the center of Karlovy Vary

We came to Aura Palace three years ago with a large group of family and international friends to stay overnight. The management of the hotel was willing to make accommodations for our large group (special meal menu, secluded dining area for us, rooms), service was perfect and professional. Ever since then, we come back every summer and stay for a few days in this beautiful spa town.
I love the location: Up on the hill, in a little street off the main bustling downtown, yet only a few minutes walk from the very center with hot springs. It gives you peaceful nights and immediate access to everything during the day.
The hotel is built and decorated in a beautiful classy style that makes you feel like you’re back in the 19th century.
I hope they keep their standard!

Lenka T.

Great place to stay in Karlovy Vary

I had visited Karlovy Vary several times before and always stayed at cheapest place possible. This time I really wanted to enjoy a bit of luxury and to get the full experience of this great little town. I chose this hotel based on a recommended from a friend. I enjoyed the stay very much, it was a great choice and, even though more expensive than I usually spend, totally a good value for the price! It is very comfy, peaceful, and quiet, even though it is very close to center of the city. No more youth hostels for me, next time I visit Karlovy Vary, I know where I’ll stay! Thank you for the experience!

Caleb H.

Very nice!

We just ended our 2 night stay here. I am a travel agent and we sell packages to this hotel so I thought it would be good to experience it myself whilst on holiday. We were very pleased!

The location is very good, right in the centre of town so it is easy to get ever6ywhre by foot.

The staff we encountered were all very helpful, professional and kind.

Our room was very nice; a great size, clean and well looked after. There are soundproof windows, mini bar and plenty of storage. The beds were very comfortable. The bathroom was great, enough storage, great water pressure and enough hot water.

We had half board meals included and got to experience breakfast and dinner at the hotel restaurant. Both were excellent. The breakfast was buffet and had a large selection of hot and cold, all very fresh. We ate around 30 minutes before close and there was still plenty of food. Dinner was buffet and also served main meals. The meals were so delicious and well cooked. There are plenty of drink options and some desserts as well.

We also experienced the 1 hour of private spa, sauna and steam room which was all very nice to relax and enjoy. We wanted to book a massage, which were suprisingly reasonably priced, yet they were booked out.

The one negative we had experienced was the lack of aircon, which can make the room stuffy, requring the window to be open. It is a relatively quit area yet there was some general noise, nothing too disturbing though.

Overall, we had an excellent stay and would happily suggest it to anyone interested in a relaxing or health orientated holiday.

Datum pobytu: v červenci 2014, cestoval(a): jako pár


One of the best in Karlovy Vary

We stay in this hotel almost every year. After several trial and errors, this place is the best for your money.Let me address few negative comments here first.

As any other spa hotel in KV, the main focus is spring water drinking and spa procedures. This is not an all inclusive type of resorts like Dominican, Jamaica or a cruise. Never intended to be. My family never had any issues with food quality or quantity.

White color workers do speak English. Blue color workers do not. It is silly to expect a housekeeper to speak foreign language. In general, young professionals speak all European languages. Older ppl speak some Russian and German. Again, we have never experienced any problems with the hotel services. We were treated like welcomed and special quests.

The spa service in Aura Palace is outstanding. The place is very clean. The nurses are professional and caring. Majority work in this same spa for many years. The spa has modern state-of-the-art equipment.

The location is great-close to the springs. It’s a bit on a hill. So be ready for some healthy exercise.

Overall, Aura Palace is the place to stay in KV.

Yulia G.